Lounging days // Pamper days!♥

Have you ever had a lounging day/pamper day? You know, the type where you just chuck on a comfy top with some sweats, whack your hair up and don’t bother with make-up. They are the best! I’m having one right now actually!
Today I wanted to talk about some clothes for lounging days as well as some beauty related stuff.


The first thing for a lounging day is sweats. How can you not want to chill in some sweats?!
For sweats my favourite shop to go to is New Look. They are super comfy and super soft!
In the summer or whenever it’s hot I like to wear short sweats. But when it’s chilly I prefer to wear the full length sweats which are tight/elasticated around the ankles. I find then comfier and easier to roll up when you get hot. Here are some examples from New Look with the prices underneath.


I like to do a bit of pampering on a lounging day. My favourite thing to do is a face mask. Personally I like the face masks which harden on the face as I feel like it is going deeper into your skin and and doing more goodness! My favourite mask is made by Lush. They have a whole range of amazing masks but Brazened Honey is my favourite.


These masks only last for 3 weeks, mine ran out today so I didn’t get a picture myself. This was taken from the Lush website!

The smell is quite strong and I have heard that some people find it quite overpowering but I think it smells fresh and sweet. It has exfoliating gems in it which you can rub into your skin while spreading it over. The mask then hardens and is easy to wash off. It leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy! Just a note; this mask is a pore tightening and black head removal face mask. It has really cleared up my blackheads and I definitely have less than when I started using it! I would definitely recommend it but maybe check the smell first if you are in the store.

Do you like Lounging/Pamper days?

Have a nice day!
Modern Day Girl x


Welcome to Modern Day – First Post!♥

Hello and Welcome to my new blog Modern Day Girl.
My name is Emily, I adore fashion and have wanted to make a blog and share my opinions and rambles with the world for ages now.

This is me!

This is me!

Why ‘Modern Day Girl’?

Have you ever read fashion blogs where people have an incredibly wacky taste in fashion? You read it totally in love with the blog and the blogger themselves but know you are not actually taking in their advice because you find their fashion taste slightly bizarre. I find this happens to me a lot in the blogging world. So Modern Day Girl is all about people a bit like me.

My parents give me an allowance every month and I spend the most of it on clothes. However it’s never very much so I usually go to high street shops such as NewLook or Topshop. This is where I got the idea for Modern Day Girl. The clothes I may show on this blog will most likely be from NewLook, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Primark, H&M etc. So if you feel you can relate to my sense in fashion shops then maybe this blog is for you?! It would be great if you could join my community!

What kind of posts will be on Modern Day Girl?

I will make a list of things to expect:

♥  OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)
♥  Hauls
♥ Monthly Favourites
♥  Monthly Vibes (non fashion or beauty related favourites
♥  Occasionly Beauty Posts (skincare, makeup products etc.
♥  Reviews
♥  Anything requested or anything that pops into my head!

So hopefully you enjoy my posts and rambles and would like to join community!

See you soon,
Modern Day Girl x