About me and my blog!


My name is Emily Louise but I prefer just Emily!
I am a student living in the UK with a passion for fashion (a little cheesy, I know!)
I’ve always been into fashion. My mum tells stories of how she would take me shopping at 3 years of age and I would only wear pink or things that I saw other girls wearing.
I started to read fashion magazines when I was around 10 or 11 and I found articles on blogs which really intrigued me.
I had always been into writing and sharing my thoughts with others so I started up my first ever blog when I was around 12 years old. It was a small one, I posted around once a week and manged to get a few hundred views. But I was never eager to post so I decided to finish my blog and deactivated it around my 13th birthday.
Just before I turned 14 my family decided to get a dog. I was so excited that I started a new blog all about my new puppy. This blog lasted about 6 months and was more successful than my first blog. I even managed to get a few thousand views and a handful of subscribers.
However the pet blogging community was for a much older generation than me and I found myself gradually ageing into a 40 year old women at the age of 14. So that blog ended after feeling totally out of place.
I started to get really into fashion, magazines, blogging and YouTube. Out of this love for all of those things I decided I would give it one more shot at blogging. So here it is! Modern Day Girl!

This is me.

This is me.

A little bit about Modern Day Girl:

Have you ever read fashion blogs where people have an incredibly wacky taste in fashion? You read it totally in love with the blog and the blogger themselves but know you are not actually taking in their advice because you find their fashion taste slightly bizarre. I find this happens to me a lot in the blogging world. So Modern Day Girl is all about people a bit like me.
My parents give me an allowance every month and I spend the most of it on clothes. However it’s never very much so I usually go to high street shops such as NewLook or Topshop. This is where I got the idea for Modern Day Girl. The clothes I may show on this blog will most likely be from NewLook, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Primark, H&M etc. So if you feel you can relate to my sense in fashion shops then maybe this blog is for you?! It would be great if you could join my community!

What kind of posts will be on Modern Day Girl?

I will make a list of things to expect:

    ♥  OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)
♥  Hauls
♥ Monthly Favourites
♥  Monthly Vibes (non fashion or beauty related favourites
♥  Occasionly Beauty Posts (skincare, makeup products etc.
♥  Reviews
♥  Anything requested or anything that pops into my head!

So hopefully you enjoy my posts and rambles!

Lots of Love

Modern Day Girl x


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